About Us

As Robert Montgomery and one of his clients stood admiring the exterior of the new custom home that Montgomery had just completed for him, the owner turned to Montgomery and said, “What I appreciate most about working with a builder like you is that you love our house as much as we do.”

Building and owning a custom home is a very special endeavor and one that only a few will have the opportunity to experience. Robert Montgomery’s philosophy is that those who choose to build a custom home deserve to enjoy the home building process.  It can and should be an exciting and fulfilling experience. And, if the builder does his job as it should be done, everyone involved…the homeowners, the subcontractors, the materials fabricators, and the builder…will take pride in the custom home when it is completed.

All workmen and subcontractors who are part of the Robert Montgomery Homes team are experienced craftsmen who notably take pride in their work. Each workman’s contribution to the construction of a Robert Montgomery custom home is performed with a cooperative concern that the finished product will meet or exceed all expectations.