Construction Cost & Analysis

DW-Stairs Up

All costs of construction are detailed for you in a monthly expense summary. This expense summary includes each individual invoice pertaining to the construction of your new home.  All materials and services are invoiced to you at builder’s cost! All trade discounts made available for timely payment of invoices are passed on to you! All credits for unused and returned materials are credited back to you!

Each month, an itemized cost analysis is employed to monitor specific construction costs with regard to the respective budgets set forth in the final cost estimate. Occasionally during the construction process, changes or additions may become desirable.  The additional cost of a change or addition is estimated and presented as a change order to be signed before incorporating it into the total cost of construction.

As your custom builder, we offer a variety of customized bookkeeping and payment dispersing services to make the construction process as enjoyable and as easy as possible for you.